woensdag, april 15, 2009

Americans against the American way of life

The American way of life is like a comfortable sofa into which one sinks, forgetting time and place and responsibility, until at some point awakening occurs for a brief moment and one looks around a room cluttered with trash, oozing with toxins and blighted by neglect; this this moment the choice occurs, "Do I simply go back to an unconscious state while watching the TV, or begin the slow hard work of cleaning up?" and thus most relapse, perpetuating a lifestyle that is both separated from reality and self-enforcing.


Since America created itself without a clear cultural mandate, a culture formed itself around what the settlers here valued: profit, holiness and convenience. As they shared no immediate genetic or cultural or historical background, they had to start from the beginnings of culture in the new land: its agreement on the need for unrestricted religion and profit. "Individual rights" and the pretense of "freedom" followed as a means of justifying these basic needs, showing an inversion of the traditional order of creation in the making of a new state - ideology came after the fact of the new country's assembly, and was used to tie together what existed. It was as if spillover from other lands created a new "melting pot" of ideas as much as peoples.

What happens in a melting pot, of course, is that the original consistency of everything put in is destroyed and a new homogenous society emerges with less diversity than the original raw materials. In the United States, this was the streamlining of efforts to conquer a frontier and make from it a technologically-powerful superstate. Coupled with the religious basis of the separation from the old that was the hallmark of the settlers here, this drive to industry became the impetus for a new marketplace culture of America, which used its utilitarian preference for individualism to justify its own excesses in the pursuit of technological dominance.

This belief system is highly dangerous in that it cloaks greed as virtue and justifies rampant expansion at the expense of natural cultures, which are seen as an impediment to technological growth and thus, as not only expendable but obsolete. It is impossible to argue against a culture of no-value which claims it is not a culture, so those who throw up barriers to Americanism in their native lands are seen as luddites, communists, fascists, and other demonized types of people who "don't like our freedom."

Keep America out of your country - one unnatural disaster is enough! It is possible to develop technology under care of your traditional values and leaders without letting technology dictate culture, as has happened in America. People got here first, found ways of making money, and then and only then were able to create a culture which could justify their reckless and unnatural behavior. Fight back and speak up while you still have a chance!

Complaint against the American way of Life

America represents technology at its furthest extreme, where money and technological advancement dictate moral "rightness" in the historical vein of religion

this way of life claims to be multicultural, but is in fact monocultural, and promotes a technological existence in which only those who serve the system can afford what they need (medical, food, tech)

it will by nature spread to the rest of the world, as it appeals to the lowest common denominators - convenience, ego, entertainment, gross desire

it is insidious in that it sneaks up on you and suddenly in the next generation, local culture has been replaced with media culture, and all of that media or who they are emulating come from america

further, because this new culture is democratic, all of its actions are assumed to be the work of "the people," and thus it is heresy to criticize them

in this "democracy," those who spend the most on television advertising win; both parties serve the same (financial) interests, and each other, by keeping the "conflict" alive

consequently, this system not only must project outward and devour other nations, but it also can't criticize itself, like a crazy religion

it knows no value system but that of money, like a business

it is a virus which will digest the past and replace it with shopping centers, plastic products, loud meaningless "entertainment" and eventually, landfill and overpopulation
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